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Millions of Colorful Stars

plastic peices of travelling love

A Million Multi-Colored Star Bracelets
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Near my house they sell these little plastic star bracelets. Fifty cents each for a bunch of brightly colored plastic stars strung on cheap elastic. On a whim once, I bought one or two and started to wear them to school. Then on this one day, my friend Jess was really depressed, and needed a pick-me-up- so I pulled the string of beads off my wrist and slipped it onto hers. It made her smile for the first time that day, so I considered my mission done. Not long after, someone Jess loved needed the same little bit of joy- so she passed on the bracelet, telling the recipient how she got it and why. It turned into a tradition between us all- giving and re-giving bracelets, telling the story each time. So here we decided to post a picture of each person who recieves a bracelet, their name, and their home state. Who knows how far they'll travel?